Professionalise your presentation and advertise your product or brand at  Market Stalls, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Events, one off Occasions. 


Your custom made elastic tablecloth is all inclusive, it can be plain or include any graphic design, logo, photo or color, you want or prefer. 


The table cloth is, machine washable, durable & made out of heavy duty 240g elastic polyester.


Our STD 180cm x 76cm  (6ft x 2ft 6in) are perfect for markets, trade shows, special events, product launches, even private buffet parties, or those one off very special occassions & functions.


They are not  limited to size & can be custom made to can fit a range of table sizes and shapes such as long rectangular, long oval, small round and small square tables. Just email or call us for a quote. 


Dynamic and vivid at market stalls, trades shows, people can hardly ignore your market stall branding from a distance, and most importantly, on those windy days where your normal throw over table cloth moves more than product, our custom made table cloth will remain looking pristine & unflaffable.


Our elastic table will give you the most professional look, brand recognition and increase your market presence & sales to the public.





Tablecloths - Custom Made for Markets Stalls, Trade Shows, Parties or Events

  • Because this product is custom designed to your design simply give me a call 0402 06 22 05  or email me, to discuss your design or requirements.