How do I place an order?

​​Simply go tour shop page & click on the item you wish to purchase, the system will guide through to our payments page 

Payment and Shipping


In the payments page once you enter your state, your freight cost will be calculated, each state's freight cost will differ slightly because of the shipment distance

Customised Flags - Why do we ask you to contact us?
Because our flags are customised to your exact instructions & designs, you need to tell us what you require on them, thats why we ask you to contact us. This can be done by either phoning our Rob on 0402 06 22 05 or you can email us on or go to our contact page
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 3 Flags Per Design
We have a minimum order quantity on our customised flags because it enables us to bring you the best quality single layer, double sided flags in Australia. In terms of displaying your branding they are outstanding & a quantum leap forward in flag material hence design, because they have a block-out fibre woven into the fabric so you can't see through them& they read correctly from both directions.
This is what we call MOQ                         
"All 3 flags in your MOQ must be the same design
i.e. identical, with the same design & wording on each of the 3 flags"