Product Description


  • Is made of light weight anodized aluminium
  • Is designed to fit the current industry hemmed standard flag of 90cm x 180cm
  • Can be shortened to your flag width by simply cutting the outer slotted pole to your flags size.
  • Outside diameter of our the TFU is 3.2cm or 32mm
  • Fits all standard industry For Sale sign brackets supplied by side board manufacturers flag pole brackets which are normally 3.4cm or 34mm otherwise our Universal Bracket fits all

Flag Pole - Theflaguntangler - revolutionary new tangle free flag pole

SKU: 0005
  • Now comes complete in our compact Carry Bag providing the following additional features :-


    • It assembles in seconds.
    • Now has 2 extensions, providing a choice of two flag poles in one pack..
    • Provides a choice of length according to your vendors path size or street access.
    • At only 110cm long x 10cm wide x 5cm high it will fit across the back seat of any small cars.
    • Which means no more loose parts floating around in your car or boot.
    • The carry case is soft polyester & will not damage your upholstery.
    • Is shower proof, so simply store in the carry bag rather than have water throughout your car
    • Once assembled leave your flag attached flag & its ready to hang at your next Open or Auction